Specification Content 1.5% ≈ 5.0%

General Description:

We select excellent Haematococcus pluvialis spores to initiate cultivation, We harvest the mature cultivated cells(spores) which are collected, cleaned, filtered and dried into pure spore powder, the powder is red or dark with an algal smell


Haematococcus pluvialis spore powder is insoluble in water

Storage period and Stability analysis

Astaxanthin is sensitive to temperature, air and sunlight, It should kept sealed in the nitrogen filed packaging.
Stored in cryogenic storage < -18 ºC, the storage period is 24 months.
Stored in cool storage <8 ºC, the storage period is 12 months
Stored at room temperature <25 ºC, the storage period is 6 months

Packaging Specification

Nitrogen flushed, vacuum-packed, Aluminum foil bag
1.0kg/bag 5.0kg/bag
Reference standard Q/AEF 0011 S


The user In the field of application using a specific dose should comply with local code requirements.
Our suggestions are as follows:

Application guidance The reference dose for Astaxanthin

Salmon feed, Rainbow trout feed and
aquarium fish feed

  • Add Astaxanthin at 70 mg/kg for sockeye salmon, to achieve the desired pigment level.
  • Add Astaxanthin at 100 mg/kg in rainbow trout feed, to increase the carotenoid content in the trout’s muscle.

100 mg/kg for pet fish.
Shrimp feed and Crab feed Add Astaxanthin at 50 mg/kg

Chicken feed, Duck feed Add Astaxanthin at 50 mg/kg

For food ≤ 0.8 g/day (powder)

Nutritional Paste, Meal replacement Powder 9 mg/bag

Hard capsule 9 mg/capsule

Mini-pill, capsule for Health food 9 mg/bag

Protein Powder 0.6≈0.9 g/kg

For Natural Astaxanthin extract raw material —-

Product Specification Report

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