About Alphy Europe

Alphy Europe is
an corporate division
of Amino Swiss AG

Founded in 2017 in Switzerland, in the canton of Thurgau, this business unit is engaged
in the popularization, promotion and sale of natural Astaxanthin, produced from microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis

Natural Astaxanthin in Europe at the best price. As an exclusive representative in Europe, we supply and sell the entire product range of Yunnan Alphy Biotech Co., Ltd. (China) — one of the world’s largest manufacturers of premium natural Astaxanthin. We suggest you use in your business and producing the best-in-class high-value organic products from microalgae, which have been grown in an ecologically clean region.

Principal manufacturing capacities of Yunnan Alphy Biotech Co., Ltd for the cultivation of Green Microalgae and extraction of Astaxanthin

Stable supplies to Europe with a guarantee

Total Area: 1,000,000 m2
Productivity: 6,000 kg of  pure Astaxanthin per Year
Capacity:  12,000 kg in the Period until 2020
Quality: certified Production and Laboratory
Delivery: direct Shipments from China or local Agents
Support:  professional and timely
Price: excellent and competitive

Ecological natural Astaxanthin from green microalgae for following businesses

Production of food Additives and nutritional Supplements
Production of Food and Beverages for People oriented towards a healthy Lifestyle
Production of professional sports Nutrition
Production of Cosmetics
Production of animal Feed
Production of Feed and Means for the Care of Aquaculture


Natalia Kirchhoff


Competence: management, finance, tactics

E-mail: alphyeurope@bluewin.ch 

Karl Kirchhoff

Director Development

Competence: strategic development, management, sales, negotiations

E-mail: alphyeurope@bluewin.ch

Vladimir Kotloff

Marketing- and Sales Director

Competence: marketing, sales, web content

E-mail: kotloff@gmail.com

Yury Liaskovsky

Sales Director for Eastern Europe

Competence: sales, management, negotiations

E-mail: biotrast.by@gmail.com

Created to open you a new possibility,
Designed to facilitate your competitive fight,
Developed to give you a sustainability

Alphy Europe has a rock-solid backend for individual cooperation with each specific customer and is a heavy weight lifter by all stages of Astaxanthin supply.

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